Supplement Rx Certification

To Complete the Supplement Rx Nutrition System Certification Course, please download the training manual.

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The Supplement Rx training manual is broken up into these below sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction – Explains how the training program works, gives an overview on supplementation and Why Supplement Rx.
  • Section 2: Product Education – Provides information about each product in the Supplement Rx line.
  • Exam – This exam is based upon the information presented in the Manual and is available on this website.


The cost of this certification is $89.95. This exam is completed and submitted to the National Academy of Fitness and Sports Nutrition through this website. Upon completion of the test, the student will be informed if he/she passed.


If the student passed, he/she will be shown the button to complete the checkout process where a downloadable certificate can be requested. (As shown below)

(The only way to receive your certificate is to complete checkout.)

The downloadable certificate link is sent via email immediately upon completion of checkout in an attachment form. Once the student receives this link via email, the student will have two weeks to print out their certification before the link expires. This certificate is necessary to apply for the FSNS designation.

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